Saturday, October 4, 2008

Go Pokes

Today was a long, busy day; tonight was a long, busy night. I am trying to do all the things I need to do to get back to school on Monday while also listening to OSU-Texas A&M. Wow. What a victory. It was a good thing I was busy because usually I kept Jason posted on the score. They didn't always get the game where he was. He loved his Cowboys and would have been waving joyously after each touchdown.
Again I have had several experiences today that made me feel that God sent me a messenger to ease my hurt.
  • I previously wrote that Jason was wanting to open a store for Cowboys. One of the names he had tossed around was "Tack Shack." Tony and I went to eat in OKC at noon today, and a man walked in wearing an orange and black cap with "Tack Shack" printed on it. Wierd.
  • I was working on the last 45 thank yous. You know the ones that I don't have current address for or can't read their writing. We really need to be working on penmanship. My sister-in-law called, said she went to Mass tonight, so she could do them in the morning for me. I didn't know how to make the address labels from the excel document, so I called my friend Cindy who has done this for me. She lives over an hour away, but she was in town tonight so she stopped byand fixed it for me.
  • I was ready for bed, dreading the long sleepless night, checked my email, and had a precious note from one of the teachers I teach with.
  • God is good.

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