Friday, August 14, 2009

Three days down

Tony and I are feeling old right now. He went to his first day of inservice at Shawnee and said that there were only two people older than he is, so I started counting. In my building there are only seveh people older than I am. Wow! That seems incredible to me; it hasn't been long since I was the youngster. That's the way life is. I check facebook almost everyday, one refrain I see in many posts is that time is going too fast. Parents are amazed that their babies are growing up so fast. It doesn't matter if the baby is taking his first steps, going to pre-school, Kinder, middle school, high school, or college, every parent is asking, "Where did the time go?" I enjoy my kids being adults. My life is must less stressful than it was when they were at home, but I don't really think I made time like I should have when they were kids. We were always together, going to ballgames, church, various other events, but did I stop and realize as these things were happening that we were sharing a very important time in all of our lives. "Does anyone realize life while they are living it? is a question Emily asks the stage manager in Our Town. The answer, "The saints and poets maybe." We let important moments pass us by and hurry on to the next moment. Maybe that's why grandparents are so patient with their grandkids. They know how fast childhood goes by, so they stop to look at the bugs on the sidewalk, smell the roses, read the books, help with the cooking. What difference does it make if they get messy? They're washable.

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