Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Truth Project

I started a new class at church this evening. I've committed to attend a class called The Truth Project every Sunday at 4:00. It was difficult to sign up for because I'm a selfish person. Most of my life when I was actively attending church, I have attended Sunday evening services. Since I have been attending church in Harrah, I have become lazy about Sundays. I only go on Sunday mornings, and I really like it. I figure my kids resent that because they were always taken to church Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wed. night. Now I go on Sunday morning only.
So, for the next 13 weeks I will be attending Sunday evening class again.
The class is a deep, philosophical study in Truth. What is truth? Why do I believe what I believe? What is the Christian Worldview? We will watch a video for about an hour each night and then discuss with a small group afterwards. I like the idea that tonight I was in a small group in my church with 10 other people who I'd never met before. I know we will all have to discuss some of the truths of our faith in light of our experiences and that will allow us to connect with one another.
I'm hoping that this study will take the place of therapy for me. I have so many questions that haunt me, and I know how to find the answers, but I don't search for them on my own as much as I should. I'm hoping this study will allow me to think through my doubts and fears.
Jimmy began a sermon series on parenting today. My first thought was "Oh, great, I'll be feeling guilty for the next weeks because he's going to tell me what I did wrong" However, that didn't happen. Instead he reminded me that as a teacher, I'm still involved in the development of my students. He spoke of making my classroom a shelter for my students, a place where they feel safe. I started thinking about that. Do my students feel safe in my room. I'm going to be intentional about making them feel that way. I try to pay attention to the way students treat one another, but I can't hear or see everything. Iam excited about learning new things. I guess that makes me a nerd, but I know that the keys to success are already determined; I just have to connect with them.

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