Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another tribute

I went to school today and looked at the benches in front of the Alumni Building. There are about ten really nice park benches out there. My mother-in-law told me that according to her connections, Jason's class was buying one to put out there with Jason's name on it. I was a little afraid to look at it before school because I never know how I will react to things like this. I know when I first saw his name on a headstone, it took me a while to recover, but this morning I was touched but not wiped out. Thanks Class of 1993; you are very sweet kids. I realize you are no longer kids, but you are to me.
I've had several weeks in a row of busy, busy weekends, so this weekend I am saying no to all excessive activities. Tomorrow I will go to the football game, but Saturday I'm going to do as little running around as possible. I may go to Sam's because I need some things from there. This week I have had a difficult time getting up. For years I have gotten up at six and have been ready to leave a little before seven, but this week I haven't gotten up until 6:30 which gets me to school around 7:30. We don't start class until 8:30, but for some reason I need more than an hour to be ready. I'm thinking that if I don't run around all weekend, I'll be more rested. We'll see.

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