Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. We have had a very lazy day because the kids are not here; we are meeting Tuesday night to celebrate. Carson has a test tomorrow, so he has to study. Allison is in Stillwater taking care of some business up there. Tony is so patient. He doesn't care at all. I am much more selfish. If I don't see them on Mother's Day, my feelings are hurt. I try to be understanding, but deep-down inside, I'm hurt. It must be great to be a guy. I gave him some golfballs (his favorite gift) and a card. He cooked porkchops and rice for lunch. He's watched golf, and I've watched movies all afternoon. We are pretty boring.
This week I have a very busy schedule. I'm going to the clear sight center tomorrow to see if I'm a candidate for lasix. I'm pretty sure I'm not, but I'm going to see. My friend Cindy and I are meeting for lunch and a movie after my appointment. Tuesday is my Beth Moore Bible Study and our Father's Day night out. Thursday, I'm going with a great group of co-workers and former co-workers to the OKC Museum to see the Sketch to Screen exhibit. We'll get to see authentic costumes that were used in movies from silent films to today. We're having lunch at the museum cafe and attending the exhibit with a docent to guide us through. AND we get to ride the trolley. I love my friends.
I've thought of my dad and Tony's dad all day. They were great guys, so different from one another, but they had one thing in common. They both made me think that they believed my kids to be the greatest kids in the world. I'm sure they made our siblings feel the very same.
Daddy always bragged on my kids because they weren't "smart aleck." I thought that was so funny because I couldn't really think of any of his grandkids that I would have thought had smart mouths. A little part of me is missing them today, but I'm so glad they weren't here to experience Jason's death. It would have bee too much for their sweet hearts.